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Nov 1, 2012 11:30am PDT
is surveyed by biologists michael fay and leslie white for the wildlife conservation society. wcs and the national geographic society support fay's megatransect-- a walk through hundreds of miles of pristine central african forest with local crews. they discover not only rivers and forests at risk, but some of the world's st isolated wildlife. elephants like these have never encountered poachers, so they don't charge or run away. (shris ) although this chimp could tear apart a human,moy that they are no matchfor . ce the scientists see they take on a new mission.s. leslie white of the wildlife conservation society. the wcs program in gabon has... has really evolved a lot in the last year or two. we've shifted from being basically a research and training program based in the lope reserve to a situation where now we're doing a national evaluation of all the potential national parks in gabon. narrator: working closely with gabon's biologists, they press the case for setting aside large natural areas. inhethe president of gabon makes a dramatic announcement. he establishes a new natural p
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1